1 Aug 2019

This page contains MIDI files and other audio files in which I record what I play on my piano ("free style", no scores). If you are interested in Ragtime piano music, check out Trachtman's collection of MIDI files. Also, Terry Smythe's collection of old piano rolls is wonderful; batch 15 contains many ragtime pieces.

Of the modern ragtime piano players I like Stephanie Trick, particularly her rendition of the Maple Leaf Rag. Beautiful!

My setup for playing and recording digital piano (Roland MP-60 digital piano, full size, including Roland earphones) is as follows:

Prior to 2010

MIDIsport UNO 1-In/1-Out USB MIDI interface
Dell Latitude D-610 laptop

Windows XP
Steinberg Cubase SE audio software version 1.0.7

Current Setup

Cakewalk by Roland UM-2G USB MIDI interface
MIDI cable
Dell Vostro 1320 laptop with 500 GB disk

Windows 7
Reaper version 3.71 (highly recommended; download for testing before buying)

Ad hoc

Actually, I started to simply record on my smartphone.