Welcome to TDTae

Here, you will find source code and executable code for the TDTae program, version 2. The method on which this program is based is published in the following papers:

Gordon D, Heath SC, Liu X, Ott J (2001) A transmission disequilibrium test that allows for genotyping errors in the analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism data. Am J Hum Genet 69:371-380

Gordon D, Haynes C, Johnnidis C, Bowcock AM, Ott J (2004) A transmission disequilibrium test for general pedigrees that is robust to the presence of random genotyping errors and any number of untyped parents. Eur J Hum Genet 12:752-761

The program package, TDTae.zip, contains the User's Guide and four zipped files. They are:

tdtae-src.tar.gz     - Source code for the TDTae program
tdtae-linux.tar.gz   - TDTae program compiled for 32-bit Linux (x86)
tdtae-solaris.tar.gz - TDTae program compiled for Solaris Unix (sparc)
tdtae-win32.zip      - TDTae program compiled for Windows

Each of these files also contains example data as described in the User's Guide, which is available as a pdf file.